Life covered in cat fur making star wars laser pewpew sound effects while playing D&D, MMORPGS, & other normal tales. 


Cats! Who doesn’t love them? People who don’t like cats I guess. We love them though. We currently have 5. 


That bewessed awangement. Two phatgeeks that fell in love over the internet and ended up not exploding. Such romance. Much love. 


Yes! Sure, we waited until we were in our late 40’s to finally start playing but it’s never too late to nerd your nerdy nerd off. Right? 


Some deeply personal, some not-so-much, more like embarrassingly human stories with a side of odd humor.


Because who doesn’t love–okay well maybe not everyone. But we do. So…we’ve got that going for us, which is nice. 

Beauty & Bullet Journals

Just when you thought the deal couldn’t get any sweeter, there’s also some beauty videos and bulletjournal stuff too. 

Pew Pew Words!

You underestimate the dork side of the force. 

Love Is Not

I rolled out of bed sometime around 6:30 am. Like most of my generation and anyone who has ever gone to school Monday to Friday, I dread Mondays. I don’t…

The Secret to Bullet Journaling

WILL SHOCK YOU! CLICK HERE N–okay, okay I feel gross and highly amused that I typed that. Sorry. But now that class is in session, let us talk a moment…

Things You Can Say to Cats

But generally not to fellow humans. At least. Usually you shouldn’t say them to strangers. I guess? Me: Watching the cats eat in the hallway, standing near Isis’ bowl, because…

The Angel and the Bear

Angels are often not after the business of bears you see. They are busy creatures going to and fro, flitting here and there and trumpeting things or announcing this and…
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