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What Geekery is This?

Two married phatgeeks. Their lives, their loves, their annoyances and their weirdness.

6 out of 5

“I would rate you both 6 out of 5 stars because no metric can hold you back!”


Flaming Sugar

“These two are made of fire and spun sugar. They are the creme brulee you’ve been looking for in your life. 5/5 stars”


Bird Noises

“Crazier than a hawk in a blender.”

—The Mom-in-law.


Mr. Dad Worthy

Picture it--(Sicily, 1947)--just kidding, it was probably around 1980-1981. I was roughly three or four years old. I lived in a tiny place in the frozen tundras of Alberta, a province in the great forested wilds of a country named Canada. The town was called Tin Town....

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RP Rambling

Basically, we're just testing a new layout and theme, trying to get it worked out and figure it out. This post as well as the example posts will eventually disappear when we choose which layouts and things work. Rabble rabble rabble!

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Confessions of a big phat girl geek.

All of my life has been a silent war. This battle was not a grand thing. There were no towering men and women in shimmering suits of armor; silver, gold or painted rainbows on a field of honor. There were no trumpets or galloping, no glory or majestic verses sung of...

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39 year old conquers fear of Dungeons & Dragons

I waited 39 years to get over my fear of math and dice to finally attempt my very first Dungeons & Dragons game with internet friends I have known for ages. I have conquered part of my fears, but not all of them, as makes die rolls 100000% easier to...

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