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Month: December 2020

If you put tinsel on poop, it’s still poop.

I don’t know what to write about for Christmas this year, the year of our holy fuck Jesus christ 2020. The anniversary of my mother’s death on December 11th came, happened, then passed. The strange bittersweet joyful sorrow I have often written about during this season became buried under a landslide of everything else. I cannot fathom the death-toll numbers of those we’ve lost to the Corona Virus. The continuous, unceasing racism and violence that Black Americans, POC, LGBTQA+ people are still fighting. The continued dismantling of an already shaky country, further, but a rampaging toddler trapped in an old…

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I’m Bad at Everything.

Do you like bad people? Well, you are in luck. I’m bad at everything. Take for example this blog and updating it. My field of motivational fucks appear quite barren but let me assure you that it is only 2020 being its usual soul-sucking feast of this year. Some updates since I last posted: Very Misfit Misfits Market quality tanked so hard within a few weeks. This made me very sad. They sent us basically the same items, 3 weeks in a row, triples of cranberry chutney (which we ordered once and never again,) add on items, like the nuts,…

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