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Who the frick frack snick snack are you two?

We’re two fat geeks. We thought we were very, very clever with our domain name. And we still do. We’re a married couple from Florida who do not freebase brake fluid and ride ‘gators naked–unlike our cousins, Florida man and Florida woman.

We love Star Wars, MMORPG’s, Science and fantasy games, science fiction books as well as fantasy books, our cats, our birds, animals of all kinds and especially each other. We share our lives here because we can and no amount of screaming into the void can convince us otherwise.

Why is all the writing by Pinkatron2000?

Because Pinkatron2000 writes a lot. Sometimes. Most of the time. Also, Bariguy works from home writing all day and he gets brain tired. Actually, we’re not really sure why he doesn’t write more. His wife says he’s fantastically geeky, sarcastic and witty and he should write more.

Is any of the stuff I read here gonna be sponsored stuff or trying to sell me anything?

No. There was a time in the early ages of in which Pinkatron2000 used to write sponsored posts. This was a dark time. We do not speak of this time. (Also we don’t speak of it because Pinkatron2000 can’t remember the go-between company she used to do sponsored posts for. ) If–and that is a huge if–any insane company out there were to ask us to write a sponsored post for goods and or services and or cash money we would:

  • Always disclose it, clearly in the article or post.
  • Never be dishonest about the product–if a company doesn’t want an honest review, then don’t send us/pay us. If we don’t like it, or it breaks, we’ll tell everyone.

Can I love you?

Yes. Always.

How old are you geezers anyway?

Old. Way old. We remember the Ent wives old. (Okay maybe not that old. But we are definitely over 40.)


Well. Okay. Nobody likes everyone. That’s cool. Just remember Wil Weaton’s rule: don’t be a dick. If you are intentionally inflammatory, spew racist, bigoted hate speech, leave inappropriate sexual content or comments we will, we will, block you. (Sing it…Oh, shit. Now I got Queen stuck in my head.)

I have more questions!

We do have a Contact Us form–uh–somewhere, that should be something or other and some such. You should use it

So yeah! Thanks for coming to this FAQ Ted Talk.