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What Geekery is This?

Two married phatgeeks. Their lives, their loves, their annoyances and their weirdness.

6 out of 5

“I would rate you both 6 out of 5 stars because no metric can hold you back!”


Flaming Sugar

“These two are made of fire and spun sugar. They are the creme brulee you’ve been looking for in your life. 5/5 stars”


Bird Noises

“Crazier than a hawk in a blender.”

—The Mom-in-law.


To my Husband in the New Year.

You are my little planet, my earth. Hard packed from the way my feet pace back and forth in your heart--worrying about the things you'd never think of. Because really, they aren't things that were meant to be worried about. Do you think I will die first? What will...

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The prettiest damn elf at the party – FFXIV

In my life, there's been a lot of games that I've beta tested for that had a lot of great focus in the first few levels and then...nothing later. There have been even more games that started well and turned into a festival of sad poop because of expectations. (Not...

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The Sweater

There's a little sand-golden house down a quiet road. Across from it, the wilds of Florida spike palm-shaped toward the sky, cardinals and their mates wheel over light gray shingled roof and perhaps three, four times a day a car will bumble along the road. Mostly...

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The Phat Cave

Once upon a time there were two phat geeks. They met and fell in love in a magical way over a series of ensorcelled tubes before meeting face to face. Their life was filled with cats, birds and the Land of Internet. They lived humbly for a long time with their parents...

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Beautiful Gold Spam: Age of Wushu

Quick and Dirty, ladies and gents--a why and why for, about Age of Wushu: a free to play world PVP kung-fu MMORPG. (Immature giggling goes here) Why you should play Age of Wushu If you are a fan of ancient china, chinese mythologies, the ancient kung-fu movies or...

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A Letter II

Do you remember how many times you had to tell me to shut up? To be quiet? To shhhh? Do you remember the nights which you'd put me to bed as soon as the sunset and you'd tell me in your mommy-is-serious-voice, "No singing, no talking, no getting out of bed, all...

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