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Why makeup? And why now?

Yesterday this giant company launched a new palette. Today, 7 other giant makeup brands have launched their palette, with 4 more palettes in the series to launch after each week. There are millions of subscribers watching millions of these artists on YouTube and there are millions more whom are jaw-shattering level amounts of talented there, on instagram, on facebook, on tumblr. The makeup and skincare industry has taken off and millions are creating –literally–face changing, illusion making, brain shattering makeup looks, trends and FX. We’re glutted by advertisements telling us to hide this, tuck that, inject these, lose pounds here,…

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Beauty & The (Beast) Bulletjournal

When I was 12, I cried because I was too chubby to fit into a thrift store dress. It was for a Halloween school dance. I wanted to be a princess. When I tried it on at home during the last minute, my mother couldn’t find a way to make it fit. Eventually, the zipper went up, but it busted. I went. But I haven’t forgotten. I never really got into beauty as a teenager. “Someday, I will find someone who will love me for who I am, not what I look like.” Snickering laughter. “No. That’s not how it…

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Yes. That is my face, and other life updates.

If there is anything I can say about myself with 100% certainty 100% of the time, it would be that I am always trying. Sometimes, I’m trying new things. Sometimes I am trying more new things. Other times, I am trying to exist or trying to be a better person or trying my damnedest not to be an angry pit of despair. Whatever it is, I’m trying, o.k? Like you are trying. Or at least, I think everyone should be trying. Trying to write more, trying to fight the good fight, trying to do whatever it is we can do…

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