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Month: October 2019

Why makeup? And why now?

Yesterday this giant company launched a new palette. Today, 7 other giant makeup brands have launched their palette, with 4 more palettes in the series to launch after each week. There are millions of subscribers watching millions of these artists on YouTube and there are millions more whom are jaw-shattering level amounts of talented there, on instagram, on facebook, on tumblr. The makeup and skincare industry has taken off and millions are creating –literally–face changing, illusion making, brain shattering makeup looks, trends and FX. We’re glutted by advertisements telling us to hide this, tuck that, inject these, lose pounds here,…

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Love Is Not

I rolled out of bed sometime around 6:30 am. Like most of my generation and anyone who has ever gone to school Monday to Friday, I dread Mondays. I don’t professionally have a reason why. After all, I am the worst at psychology–I lived with my depression, Bi Polar II and probably anxiety untreated for decades because I just thought that’s how everybody do. So I go through my morning (I originally spelled it, “mourning,” and maybe that’s also true) routine, got my coffee, sat down, tooled about on the internet and then clocked in and went to work writing…

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The Secret to Bullet Journaling

WILL SHOCK YOU! CLICK HERE N–okay, okay I feel gross and highly amused that I typed that. Sorry. But now that class is in session, let us talk a moment about a Thing and that Thing shall be: Bullet Journals. Here’s some stuff I hear about Bullet Journals all the time: It looks complicated. I wouldn’t know where to start? I can’t afford good pens. I’m not artistic. My hand writing isn’t good enough. I don’t have an instagram. My camera’s not good enough to take fancy pics I don’t have a bullet journal I can’t afford a bullet journal…

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