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Month: August 2019

Yes. That is my face, and other life updates.

If there is anything I can say about myself with 100% certainty 100% of the time, it would be that I am always trying. Sometimes, I’m trying new things. Sometimes I am trying more new things. Other times, I am trying to exist or trying to be a better person or trying my damnedest not to be an angry pit of despair. Whatever it is, I’m trying, o.k? Like you are trying. Or at least, I think everyone should be trying. Trying to write more, trying to fight the good fight, trying to do whatever it is we can do…

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Why a Bullet Journal was perfect for this Hot Mess Brain

You’d think after reading these entries over the years that there was absolutely no hope for me to get my shit together. I’ve never been an organized person. Not once. Not ever, never. Getting diagnosed with BP II and depression officially helped to sort of understand why I was a constant mess of GET EVERYTHING DONE and NAH, IMMASTAY IN BED FOR THIS WEEK…But to get all of my shit in one shit-stack and take it to a shit store and get it shit-organized? Was it even possible? Surprise! It is almost impossible. And that is O.K. To do perfectly…

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What’s in a tooth?

When I was 16, I was terrible. Not only was I going through what any teen at that age goes through–hormones, boys, body image issues, self-esteem problems, trying to fit in desperately where I didn’t–I probably had the beginnings of my depression and bipolar II crop up. I didn’t know the word depression. I didn’t and had never heard of bipolar. Anxiety wasn’t a word in my dictionary of angst filled teenage words. I was fat, I had random giant zits on my face at all times, and I was and still am average looking at best. I didn’t know…

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