We’re full of Sith.

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¬†Along time ago, on a blog far, far forgotten….. There were two phat geeks who made posts, but life and distractions (Like Google+) came and endangered the meandering writing habits of two huge nerdlings. It’s been a long time since we last joined our heroes, Mel and Shawn for their… Read More »We’re full of Sith.

Hooked on Dragon Age: Origins, worked for me!

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How you know a game is good when it gives you a great case of the crazies. Here I discuss my girl-crush on Alistair, from Dragon Age: Origins, and use that as a means to explain why you should be PLAYING THIS GAME RIGHT NOW!

Champions Online Beta: Game at a glance

On August 17th, 2009, Cryptic Studios opened the doors–kinda–for a lucky few thousand to kinda open beta test their game, Champions Online. Here’s our review.


When it comes to computers, there are pink components, and there are good components, but there are scant few good pink components. While for most geeks this is not a problem, for me it is as the better half loves the color pink. So, in addition to doing every odd job I could think of to fill my time, I decided to right a serious geek wrong and make the pink computer I know she wants.