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Month: March 2012

A link in a memory chain

Roughly three years ago I trekked back to Canada in order to get my immigration and paperwork for marrying Shawn, settled. When I was there my mother brought out a little leather bound jewelry box that had seen the years. When she opened it, two delicate bands were within–one a wedding band with chains, and one an engagement ring with matching chains. She told me that they were the original rings my father proposed to her with and that she wanted me to have them. They were too small for my fingers then. So my father brought them to a…

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2phatgeeks: Tera Online not (yet) worth it.

  Tera online is a fantasy-ish MMORPG in beta, with no NDA restrictions currently even though it’s still in closed beta. This weekend I had the chance to try Tera Online. The best I can do to sum up my experiences (and forgive me, those of you who have me added to your Facebook or Google+, as this will be a repeat performance) is: overtly sexualized child characters, jiggly tits, and Aion with a different UI and slight difference in combat. I played roughly an hour, hour and a half. I played my first character, an Elin–whom I originally thought…


Here’s to words, and you still reading them.

I have become stretched thin. It did not happen quickly. This was a slow thing. Life and growing old are things which–like children giggling behind oak trees in full summer–play hide n’ seek with your heart. In one moment, you see the slip of a shadow behind the trunk of the tree but you believe you have all the time in the world to go hide. In the next moment you take off to your perfect hiding spot but you’ve been caught. Out of the corners of my eyes I have seen the flickering shapes of my age, but I…

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