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Shiny, Cap’n.

Last updated on October 23, 2018

I must not fear the geek t-shirt.
Fear is the lol-killer.
Fear is the little geek death that brings complete monotony.
I will face my inner nerd.
I will permit it to pass through me and over me and encourage me to pridefully display my geekery.
And when it is gone I will feel a little sad and maybe go play a little Oblivion to make myself feel better.
When the game is pwnt there will be nothing, because if I really love it I’ll just start it again.
Only mountain dew will remain. 1

There comes a time in every geeks life when you just want to show off, and teach people of your nerdling ways. A time when you wake up in the morning and think: you know? I haven’t yet branded everything I own with something monstrously obvious that I love me some geeky stuff. And that’s when it hits you like a frothing at the mouth reaver looking to chew on your innards and make ’em outards.

You need moar T-Shirts.

Or at the very least? This is what I think when I crawl out of bed at the crack of noon and blearily wonder if I truly did roll a one or if I really exclaimed out loud in mid conversation, ‘lawl!’.  I’ve got my grubby little geekling hands on a few t-shirts that properly tout myself as someone who quotes all the correct tired internet memes, but I would love some more. I mean, who wouldn’t? (Only the souless. Or those not yet Initiated into the Nerdling ways.)

And Ultimate T-Shirts is willing to step up and help you out with this level 9 Elite Quest. Touring about their web site, which has some shiny, shiny flash reveals a plethora of T-shirts worthy of any geek or fan of geek-like things. The T-shirts, of course which caught my eye the most are those dedicate to Serenity.

I’ve not yet had any business run ins with the company but from what I can tell it’s looking pretty sweet. I know where I’ll be splurging a few bucks on more dork apparell when I get a chance, starting with the shirt in this post!

1The Litany against fear used by the Bene Gesserit, from the novel Dune
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