Twilight Sucks.

Shiny, Cap’n.

I must not fear the geek t-shirt.
Fear is the lol-killer.
Fear is the little geek death that brings complete monotony.
I will face my inner nerd.
I will permit it to pass through me and over me and encourage me to pridefully display my geekery.
And when it is gone I will feel a little sad and maybe go play a little Oblivion to make myself feel better.
When the game is pwnt there will be nothing, because if I really love it I’ll just start it again.
Only mountain dew will remain. 1

There comes a time in every geeks life when you just want to show off, and teach people of your nerdling ways. A time when you wake up in the morning and think: you know? I haven’t yet branded everything I own with something monstrously obvious that I love me some geeky stuff. And that’s when it hits you like a frothing at the mouth reaver looking to chew on your innards and make ’em outards.

You need moar T-Shirts.

Or at the very least? This is what I think when I crawl out of bed at the crack of noon and blearily wonder if I truly did roll a one or if I really exclaimed out loud in mid conversation, ‘lawl!’.  I’ve got my grubby little geekling hands on a few t-shirts that properly tout myself as someone who quotes all the correct tired internet memes, but I would love some more. I mean, who wouldn’t? (Only the souless. Or those not yet Initiated into the Nerdling ways.)

And Ultimate T-Shirts is willing to step up and help you out with this level 9 Elite Quest. Touring about their web site, which has some shiny, shiny flash reveals a plethora of T-shirts worthy of any geek or fan of geek-like things. The T-shirts, of course which caught my eye the most are those dedicate to Serenity.

I’ve not yet had any business run ins with the company but from what I can tell it’s looking pretty sweet. I know where I’ll be splurging a few bucks on more dork apparell when I get a chance, starting with the shirt in this post!

1The Litany against fear used by the Bene Gesserit, from the novel Dune
This post is sponsored by payperpost & ultimate t-shirts.

Obligatory Bloggers Chance to be greedy: Wishlist.

Wish List/Ways you can make Mel Squeal:

Purchasing a $2 avatar || Commissioning me for a tiny piece of art that only costs $5-$10 (I will totally adjust my prices so long as the image isn’t HUGE AND COMPLICATED. Srsly, d00ds.) || Purchasing a Print from my D.A. Gallery! (Did you know that if you choose the smallest sizes available, some of them are no more than THIRTY CENTS right now! THEY’RE ON SALE RIGHT NOW!11!
Every piece of art or print sold = money for the lawyer fee, groceries, unexpected bills, health, power, cable, car (everything most of us all need) and every day expenses. Also, it’s supporting a beginner artist and encouraging me to learn more and do better :3

Deviant Art Premium Print Account – $24.95 for 12 months
First, it would be supporting a website that I like and want to support. Some may not agree with D.A. or even like it, but obviously this is my personal preference and D.A. has been the provider of my art gallery for 6 years. 4 as elf_fu, 2 before that as LilLostPixie. In addition to supporting a site I love, Deviant Art Premium Print Accounts allow the artist to upload files upward to 80 MB in size, allows the artist to keep a greater percentage of sales for any piece of art sold (meaning, more money for me in the long run and less begging and scrambling on my end, rofl), additional payment options such as paypal (currently the only payment method I believe to order one of my prints? Credit card.), and additionally it will give me a boost to my D.A. subscription by three extra months.

OIO Publisher Pro (v2.20) $47 –
User friendly, easy to use Word Press plug in for, which allows advertisers to buy space (125×125 ads) without me having to figure out how to place the ad, rotation, how long it stays, when to replace it with the next ad etc. OIO publisher has no middle man. Once the plug in has been purchased, thus ends OIO meddling–no monies are funnelled into OIO past initial purchase; several sites like Text Ad Links skim off the top or take a percentage, while OIO earns their pay via the sale of the plug in. Some of the features include, now: Offline payment, filtering zones by wordpress category and a butt-ton more. I don’t think I really need to point out why I want this (and have been for a year or more now) but if you’re curious, since I am not yet able to work–my income pretty much comes from the ‘net. Any means I can make 2phatgeeks a great place to read, less annoying on the eyes with the ads, easy to use AND still make a bit of extra $ at the end of the month? Definitely a bonus. I have an account at OIO, as M.Pence, if you’re crazy and curious.

ANY second-hand, working, camera lenses which fit a Canon Rebel Xti and or filters
A good eye, I think, only goes so far when a photographer is limited to what lenses, filters and other things he or she can do. I have the standard lens which comes with the Canon Rebel Xti and I have a portrait lens. I would dearly like to have more–the more interesting, neat, colorful, close-up (and so on) pictures I can take, the better I think I’ll become and yes, the more pics I can take. My intention isn’t to get rich, but any hobby deserves the right tools to go some where…And we just can’t afford that either right now.

A custom 2phatgeeks theme designed by my all time favorite WordPress Theme dude: Jai.
While it doesn’t seem like it right now (as we’re using a Premium Theme we won), Shawn and I love Jai’s designs. A lot. One of the things I wanted to do this year was brand as unique by purchasing an entirely original, geeky, nerdling design by Blog Oh Blog’s Jai for 2phatgeeks, 125×125 ad friendly– so we’d push ourselves out of the cookie cutter WordPress mold and into our own. Unfortunately, a good design costs money. More money that we have–money that probably should be spent on groceries xD. Branding your own blog/website is an important step for those wishing to somewhat monetize, or at least, present a website attractive to potential advertisers. That, and, dude–having your own shit is cool. This would be so awesome right now I couldn’t tell you.

So that’s it, that’s my current Wishlist pretty much for this year–things I wish I had the money for and things I wish I could sell!

Sixteen Fingers

Apologies to those of you who watch me on live journal and Facebook–this will probably be a repost. 🙂

She made the piano weep. Pretty melodramatic of me, I know. Ever since the day I heard her play Pathetique, second movement in A flat minor, certain things inside me began to move, to change. All because of her crooked little, freckle spotted, chewed nailed hands that coaxed my mother’s piano to make noises I’d never heard of in my life….

Like it? Want to read more? Sixteen Fingers will be published in a short story collection by Divertir Publishing, called Under the Stairs,  in February, 2010. Check back on details on how you can read more and purchase this kick ass collection

Rocking Ghosts

All of the women in my family have had rocking chairs.

My grandmother, whom always smelled like something cooking–apple pies and casseroles, perfect hash browns that no one in our generation has yet to reproduce–had one. It was the central point of her home and her kitchen. People came from all over town to visit nearly every night and the kitchen is where everyone would be.

My grandmother would pull out a card table, have sandwiches magically ready and in the fridge (just in encase) and settle herself in her rocking chair throne. She was always in it.

At least, for as long as she could be.

My mother too, inherited this love of the rocking chair. Though she did not put in the kitchen as our lives revolved quietly around in the living room. When people came, my mother would sit in her rocking chair facing the room, an outline of her mother and my grandmother. At night, when little girls were trapped in nightmares, she’d pick me up and gather me in her laps in this rocking chair, humming or singing until the tears passed.

My grandmother is now in a chair with wheels. My mother has put her rocking chair in the basement, choosing the comfort of a recliner and I? I who should be keeping these traditions, as mundane as they may seem from the outside, have not.

They are the little everyday things which mark our lives. I have no rocking chair and try not to settle into my computer chair each evening without too much guilt.

Artist Whoring–Great, cheap prints!

For the longest time, I was suspicious of deviant art. I thought that I would never be able to afford buying prints from them, nor would I ever sell any (because I kept thinking it would be too expensive.)

I was rifling through my Deviant Art Print shop this late evening/way, way early morning and realized even as poor as I am right now, with birthday money gone–If after all is said and done and Shawn and I had $5 to our name we could afford a small print from an artist on Deviant Art.

That’s…really amazing when you think about it. Some of the most amazing artists are selling–

Some of the amazing art, CHEAP right now:

(Architecture) Crescent Sun, by Doubtful Della
4×6 print selling for $1.95

Un Gato (Absolutely ADORABLE cat print!) by *faboarts
4×6 print selling for $1.65

Gold Fish, PHOTO PRINT, by fuschisart
Selecting the 3.5×5 photo print option selling for $3.00

The Sound of Her, by Gatling
3.5×5 print for $1.00

Puck’s Introduction, by Mercuralis
4×6 print for $1.95

And of course, last but never least–

Oh yes! Caps! Most of my prints are available in the same, above sizes for $1 up. I’ve done some cleaning up and made sure to offer the pictures I thought were my best, for sale, and make sure they were the best quality I had. If you’re interested, please click the link–click all the links and support fellow artists!

We all need a little bit of help right now.