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Month: July 2009

Twilight Sucks.

Twilight sucks. Twilight sucks so hard it is beyond amazingly sucky. It sucks the sucking right out of sucking and leaves it bereft of all suction. Inside? Is a video blog where I describe how bad it sucks. You know you wanna watch it. Click it! Click the link! Or I will send a flood of whiney, emo, sparkly vampires to stalk and bite you!


Sixteen Fingers

Sixteen Fingers is a short story about missed chances, the things that haunt us, love and maybe even happy endings. It was written for Deviant Art’s Flash Fiction month, this July ’09. Flash Fiction is a story anywhere from 55 to 1000 words. This month’s goal is to write 1 story for every single day of July, obviously I have only chosen to share the stories I think have merit. This one, I hope, does.

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Rocking Ghosts

July is flashfiction month over at Deviant Art. A lot of my time has been taken over there currently, writing really bad fiction. Today’s prompt was: ghost of a rocking chair, and I couldn’t think of anything else to write. And now, you get to suffer with what I have written too! BWUAHAHA.

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