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Isn’t she a doll

Last updated on October 23, 2018

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Click to donate toward Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes

My mother told me that when she was very, very little she had a doll. It was one of those very-large, stand-up and walk dolls which quickly became her favorite. She took that doll everywhere with her and everywhere with her went it. I do not recall if her sister, my Aunt made mention of it for sure–but I want to say that anytime the doll is mentioned her sister would tease my mother about it.

I’ve searched everywhere to try and find the doll that  my mother gave to me–a huge stuffed doll in very old fashioned dress with a bonnet and yarn pigtails. The yarn pigtails were a brown/blond and the bonnet might have been beige with flower patterns upon it. I don’t remember what I did with that doll or what happened to it, nor even what I named it. I do know that my mother would tell me that the one she had when she was little looked a lot like it. And that doll she named Melissa.

She told everyone that someday she would have a little girl and if she did, she would name that little girl: Melissa.

On a good day, I cannot recall what I ate two days ago for breakfast, let alone remember what I named my dolls when I was seven now. Occasionally I feel like I might have disappointed my mother when I was younger and so was she–I didn’t really turn out at all like that doll; I don’t really wear dresses that often and make up bothers me. I think however, as we grew older together (and after I was done being a horrible person to her in my teenage years) she began to understand that daughters like dolls, don’t always have to fit the ideal and can still be precious.

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[box type=”bio”] Melissa Pence is wife to the husband and wife team here behind 2 phatgeeks. On December 11th, 2011, Melissa lost her mother to a long, difficult battle to diabetes. In her memory, Melissa is blogging 24 hours in order to raise funds for her through the organization: Step Out: End to Walk Diabetes, and for the personal goal to finish a humming bird tattoo on her right arm in memory of her mother. [/box]
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