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Orange you glad I didn’t say CLAY?

Last updated on October 23, 2018

For those of you who follow me over at my live journal blog, this is old news. What I am about to write isn’t surprising; in fact it’s all over my live journal and it’s pretty much all I’ve been able to think and talk about lately.

Yes, Ayoub, I have become one of those douchebags that claim whatever it is they’re doing is the best thing evar omg and cannot stop trying to convince people to at least, try it.

What the hell am I going on about, anyway?


That’s right, bitches. I’ll say it again.

Polymer clay.

heartcuppycakes_1I have been eyeballs deep in polymer clay since last Sunday, August 30th and I haven’t looked back since. For the longest time I watched sites like Etsy or Deviant Art and other trendy hip-cute factories envying and wishing I could have a pair of cupcake earrings or even maybe some sushi charms–and couldn’t really afford it. I always thought too, that it took a special kind of talent to work with clay like that, to make such small things.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

On Sunday, I came home with 12 packages of polymer clay, sat down to make a pair of cup-cake earrings and haven’t stopped since.

If you’ve been remotely considering picking up clay to make yourself a pair of earrings, beads, charms, figures what have you–do it. Do it right now. Try it. Buy a color or two and just what you need to make a few sets of things (if you are so inclined) and sit down one afternoon to tool about. You may think I’m far more off my rocker than usual, but I tell yas, internbutts, it’s the best fun I’ve had creating something in a while.

So much so that I’ve made a huge surplus of extra things and have decided to sell a bit on Etsy! Also–can I gush enough about Etsy and wonder why I didn’t take a friends advice in trying it out before hand? I mean, hello?! Slow Mel is Slow! If you’d like to check out my Etsy and see what I’ve got, you can do so via a new side bar widget here at 2phat geeks —>

Or you can visit my Etsy shop directly here:

If you’ve been hesitating picking up clay, let me urge you to stop hesitating and go get some now.


You’ll thank me whenever I see you again next year!

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  1. Eve, I must perfect my evil clay plans of dominating the souls of millions through cute by making the ULTIMATE CUTE KITTIE EARRINGS OF ULTIMATE CUTE.

    Which are, ultimately, cute, and shall force the world to finally bow down to me and my cat army.

    (AKA: I haven’t yet found a pair I make I really like for selling. Maybe the little round headed kitties? I dunno.)

  2. Eve Eve

    WOT? No kittehs in your Etsy shop yet?! 😀
    .-= Eve´s last blog ..More on spiders. =-.

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