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I will come to your house and fondle your mugs.

Last updated on October 23, 2018

Last year on my live journal, I wrote a post about my growing obsession with tea cups and mugs.

I’m one of those women that will turn her head nearly all the way around in the glass or kitchen ware aisles at stores–like men spotting a set of endless, toned, shimmery legs they just need to look at twice–if I find a mug or cup that tickles my fancy.  My cupboard in our modest little apartment has an entire shelf dedicated to mugs already. I definitely have more than one, less than twenty; so more than I need. And yet…I want more.

It’s as if the obsession for shoes had somehow gotten riotously drunk when I was a little girl and skipped across my brain to hit another section all together, muddling ‘cups’ with ‘cute little kitten heels.’ Instead of wanting one pair for every mood, every day, every holiday or event in my life I want a cup.

I want Christmas mugs festooned with sparkles, snow and Santa. I want ridiculous cat mugs that make people pull the are you really going to drink out of that? ….Wait, can you even drink out of that? I want mugs with ROFL and WTF and STFU NEWB, cups with pithy hopeful sayings, strange designs and artisan creations. Something beautiful, something real–a piece of art, cliche, garish or stately to touch and cradle in my palms.

Shoes? Fuck shoes. Give me mugs.

So to celebrate my obsession, I thought that I’d share with you some of the mugs I’m currently making awkward teen-age moon eyes over while adding them to my wish list. Maybe, just maybe, I can spark the same insanity in you too.

Villeroy & Boch New Wave Caffe Mug
This is simply, amazingly, beautiful.

It’s style, design, and beauty without any need for color, pomp, pizazz of HEY! LOOK AT ME! I AM A WITTY SAYING! text all over it. Look at it. Look at it. This is, as they say, is a fierce bitch. She walks into a room, folds herself down on a chair and owns it.

I need two of these in my home. Stat.

Konitz Coffee Collage Snuggle 14-ounce mugs

  • I love coffee.
  • It says right on that mug: coffee. How could I not love that?
  • Uhm, hello? Coffee beans.
  • Artsy-fartsy old style type writer text.
  • I want to lick it.

Contigo Autoseal Elle double wall insulated mug, 14 oz.
Wake up from your asleep! You are of in the future, now!

That’s what this mug says to me. It says it is dangerous for me to go alone out into the age of internets and computers. I must not be bereft of a proper thermos to face the information age.

The fact it’s in pink didn’t also influence my decision to make this a lust after.

No. Not at all. Not one b–stop looking at me like that. I swear it’s true.

Green Frog Froggy Coffee Mug Tea cup.
This is horrendous.

This is really awful. I can imagine this thing staring into my very essence at night,lurking on the edge of my desk top. Unblinking. Waiting, always waiting, whispering:come back to me, Mel. Driiiiink teeeeeeeeeea with me. Ribbit. You want to drink teaaaaaaaaa. Riiiiiiiibbit.

The eyes. The googily eyes. Oh god the EYES.

love this mug. Sign me up for two. Does it come in hot pink?

Bodum Pavina Double-wall thermo glasses.
I cannot look away from these. Like the New Wave coffee mug, these are simplistically, achingly beautiful. They are rounded in such a way that my palm already whispers sweet nothings of warmth from a steaming cup of coffee or tea. The art here, is the drink itself. The glass becomes nothing more than the canvas in which to present it. Gorgeous!

The Tea Spot steeping mug with tea mug infuser & Lid

My grandmother Rawding, my mother’s mother, had a beautiful and delicate flowered mug. Bright, soft pastel pink and white flowers that spanned a warm and aged buttered background, the tea cup came with a lid–and I don’t know why, but when I saw this I thought of my grandmother. I saw her seated in her rocking chair enjoying her tea, something she did multiple times a day. This mug reminds me of that, of her, and that’s why I like it.

Pink graphic art Eco Cup with silicone lid and sleeve

Look at this hot mess. Just look at it. It’s pink. It’s green. It’s red. It’s everything that shouldn’t be and that is why I love it. The more horrible a mug is, the brighter and clashier and more oh my god what is that in her hand? reactions I think I might get from it the more I want it. Lust after it.

This is just the tip of the ice burg. There are people out there, studious, clever people designing more amazing, crazy mugs all the time. I’m sure there’ll be another post some day in the future.

Until then, I think I’ll have a cup of chocolate tea and fondle one of my own mugs.

P.S. Nope, this post was not sponsored, I was not paid to do it, cajoled into doing it, black mailed or anything else. I really do love cups and mugs. A lot. Too much.

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