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If a unicorn mated with hello kitty, enjoyed snorting pixie sticks and slathering themselves in hot pink glitter.

Pinkatron2000 is a 40 year old woman with the soul of a 12 year old. Occasionally still filled with wonder while balancing the bitterness of age. When she isn’t embarrassing herself on social media, she enjoys a plethora of hobbies that, surprisingly, involve the internet such as: playing MMORPG’s, working with DAZStudio, digital art, blogging and occasionally writing.

Proud mother to 5 cats, 4 parrots and one dog inherited from her mother-in-law when she moved in.

If there’s a way to work a curse word into another word she’ll find it. Unashamed of bodily functions, still laughs at fart jokes.


The sexiest bearded nerd to ever nerd.