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The 2 phat geeks

Hot Pink Unicorn Mess

The Hot Pink Unicorn Mess, artist formerly known as Pinkatron2000 is a 42 year old woman with the soul of a 12 year old. Occasionally still filled with wonder while balancing the bitterness of age. When she isn’t embarrassing herself on social media, she enjoys a plethora of hobbies that, surprisingly, involve the internet such as: playing MMORPG’s, writing for 2phatgeeks, working with DAZStudio, digital art, playing with makeup and occasionally adulting.

Proud mother to 6 cats, 4 parrots and one dog inherited from her mother-in-law when she moved in.

If there’s a way to work a curse word into another word she’ll find it. Unashamed of bodily functions, still laughs at fart jokes.


The sexiest bearded nerd to ever nerd. Or so says his wife. Nabbing his online handle from his passion for jazz and the bari saxophone, Bariguy enjoys biting sarcasm, witty commentary and being extremely geeky for science fiction and star wars. He doesn’t write much here and his wife says he should change that.