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The beautiful, calming sounds of a crazy fat man. Now for your phone!

Last updated on October 23, 2018

I slept in on Thursday. Like, slept in a lot. Every once in a while I get hit with the sleepy bug, especially when Shawn is home. I just…sleep better. A lot better. Lots and lots better. Sometimes it borders on it being a coma.

Imagine my surprise however, when I woke up to plug in my phone and noticed that when I did it didn’t make the normal noises my phone should make. Oh no. No, see–my phone emitted my husbands voice. My phone went, in Shawn’s voice, “boopBeep!” In my stunned silence as I stared at my phone my husband began chortling like a twelve year old boy proud of hiding the frogs in my desk. Going through my phone I had to give it to him, he was really, really thorough. All of the sounds were replaced.

So I thought I would take this one step further.

Here are all of the sounds Shawn made, for you to listen to. And to download to your phone if you wish. Just right click and save as. So you can always have a little piece of 2phatgeeks inside you. A piece of us. Alwayssss. Inside youuuuu.

[box type=”download”] The Shawn Alarm: Shawn reminds me to do something: shalarm[/box] [box type=”download”]The Shawn Beep. Far superior to your regular beeps. Good for a notification or button press. shbeep[/box] [box type=”download”]The Shawn Reminder: If your name is Mel, this event reminder sound if PERFECT for you! shreminder[/box] [box type=”download”]You’re not hip, trendy, or classy until you have the Shawn Ring Tone. shring[/box] [box type=”download”]Shawn lets you know you have a text. With this text notification by Shawn, you’ll never miss another test again. Ever. For the rest of your life. FOREVERRRRRRRR.shtext[/box]
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  1. Fiona Skye Fiona Skye

    I now have Shawn’s dulcet voice informing me that I have a text. I’m sure I will giggle like mad every time I get one now.

    • I particularly do enjoy the alarm tone, but the text is my second favorite for notification sound-snobs. Very high quality.

  2. Ehzoterik Ehzoterik

    Shawn is my hero. XD

    • True fax right here from Ehzoterik folks.

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