Letting go of perfect.

My first home happens to be a one bedroom apartment. For Shawn and I, we who have children that are feathered and furred instead of human–this fits us perfectly. For the longest time, with our bad financial decisions when we first got together + the way the economy was going,… Read More »Letting go of perfect.

My hero wears tighty whities and TALKS VERY LOUDLY.

I have yet to write about my father, and I’ve been remiss in doing that. I love my dad, even when he embarrassed me as a kid at the mall with ohmuhgawd, friends to see it–and even when he wandered the house in his tighty-whities with his hair stuck up all over the place and groggily asking if anyone made coffee. I love him even when we video conference now and he leans over to TALK TO ME VERY LOUDLY. I STILL LOVE MY DAD.

A Good Year

Like most people, I’m busy celebrating with the better half and quite definitely “nicely relaxed.” this year, I am “nicely relaxed” (ie obliterated… so please excuse the typos) on a steady stream of Mooing Irish Pepsis (Bailey’s, coke and milk) and rum and cokes…

Up, Up, and Fan-freakin’-tastic

It was an absolutely perfect example of the reasons I enjoy movies and why I especially love sharing them with her. How Pixar consistently manages to put out films of this quality is beyond me. To follow up Wall-E, which was arguably the best animated film I’ve ever seen, with a film that in some very important ways surpasses it illustrates the sort of phenomenal product they’re putting out.

Good Bye, and Thank you Sir.

I wasn’t always a geek. I didn’t know about Lord of the Rings, I wasn’t familiar with Star Wars, I didn’t like C.S. Friedman and way back in high school I would have never dreamed about reading Lord of the Rings. All that changed one day in a single moment inside a middle-of-no-where high school library in a single blink of an eye.

My Skies

My skies are painted in two different shades: hard lessons learned, memories of childhood warm and safe–and the hope for tomorrow peeking out from behind the fronds of a palm.