Hooked on Dragon Age: Origins, worked for me!

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How you know a game is good when it gives you a great case of the crazies. Here I discuss my girl-crush on Alistair, from Dragon Age: Origins, and use that as a means to explain why you should be PLAYING THIS GAME RIGHT NOW!

Swingin’ my big stick.

What happens when 2phatgeeks join forces and dedicate their lives to one another? They write about it on the internet and share it, that’s what.

What’s white and black all over with spots of red?

A little project that I have been sort-of working on these past few months that I haven’t shared much of. It just went through a theme change and a few other changes to tidy up, and now I think it’s ready for you guys to see!

Aion: is it worth your money?

Aion is touting itself as the currently #1 best selling MMORPG at this moment. Is it really worth it? What’s Aion got that other games do not? Is it going to be a flash in the pan due to bored gamers wanting something more than WoW? Click the link to read more about my opinion. Do it. Do it now. You know you wanna.

Orange you glad I didn’t say CLAY?

In a world, totally under polymer clay. One woman and one geek struggles to bring into fruition her nerdery and adoration of cute. Can she make it? Can she be anymore annoying than usual and turn heads with cuppycake earrings and chainchomps? There’s only one way to find out–and it’s behind the cut.

Champions Online Beta: Game at a glance

On August 17th, 2009, Cryptic Studios opened the doors–kinda–for a lucky few thousand to kinda open beta test their game, Champions Online. Here’s our review.

Twilight Sucks.

Twilight sucks. Twilight sucks so hard it is beyond amazingly sucky. It sucks the sucking right out of sucking and leaves it bereft of all suction. Inside? Is a video blog where I describe how bad it sucks. You know you wanna watch it. Click it! Click the link! Or I will send a flood of whiney, emo, sparkly vampires to stalk and bite you!

Shiny, Cap’n.

There needs to be moar geekery up in this here blog and I aim to be misbehavin’.