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Tag: Geekery

Twilight Sucks.

Twilight sucks. Twilight sucks so hard it is beyond amazingly sucky. It sucks the sucking right out of sucking and leaves it bereft of all suction. Inside? Is a video blog where I describe how bad it sucks. You know you wanna watch it. Click it! Click the link! Or I will send a flood of whiney, emo, sparkly vampires to stalk and bite you!


Up, Up, and Fan-freakin’-tastic

It was an absolutely perfect example of the reasons I enjoy movies and why I especially love sharing them with her. How Pixar consistently manages to put out films of this quality is beyond me. To follow up Wall-E, which was arguably the best animated film I’ve ever seen, with a film that in some very important ways surpasses it illustrates the sort of phenomenal product they’re putting out.