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SWGemu, and why I think it’s worth it.

Last updated on November 24, 2019

You mention Star Wars: Galaxies on a PC gaming forum and you can be pretty sure of certain reactions. One camp will roll their eyes and post, “not again. Let it rest.” One camp will come along with the, “yeah, it’s a shame what they did to the game after CU and NGE, but I still play it because…well…It’s SW:G.” and then you’ll get the majority of responses. Heart break, bitterness, nostalgia and a misty-eyed rememberance of a game system that should-have-been.

Pre CU and NGE, Star Wars: Galaxies was a game that wasn’t like any other (and in some cases, still outshines some of the brand new games.) in the fact it was damn hard work getting to where you wanted to be.

You had skill trees you had to work through as a melee or social profession. Hours and hours of harvesting and work, and yet, you weren’t truly holed up in one set in stone profession. You could mix and match and do as you like, ending up with a pretty much customized class suited for your playing needs. And I don’t even have the time to go on about how the housing, clothing, imagination of the players made it a game truly unique to those of us who enjoy role playing or getting into the game while there.

But the one thing that SW:G is missing at this moment more than anything is the community. I wrote a post several months back about why I think SW:G is slowly declining after the loss of it’s core community, so I won’t rehash it any further than mentioning it here. But what’s this got to do with anything? What’s this got to do with SWGemu?


SWGemu has the stirrings, the quiet whisperings and the beginnings of the same community I once thought long dead from SW:G. In it’s testing, adolesence phase, SWGemu is very awkward. There are game-smashing, lose-your-character-if-you-go-to-Coronet-bugs. There are tiny little annoying things that don’t work right and then giant huge-oops, we’re missing missions, can’t craft yet–and it doesn’t seem to matter. The core community of players backing everyone 100% is there. I wasn’t signed in five minutes to take my first peek when someone came along to introduce themselves and show me around.

This…This could me a magnificent thing, and I am encouraging you now…If you’ve kept your SW:G C.D’s, If you still have it insalled but no longer subscribe and are disenchanted, if you hold pre CU and pre NGE fondly and want to return to a land before time…I am urging you to check out and take a look at SWGemu.

I have and am placing  alot of hope into this project, like many already there. I hope that you’ll come to love it, warts and all, too.

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  1. John John

    I received an email from True Galaxies saying that a release may soon be available, so anyone interested may wanna check into it.

    I started playing SWG from its release, before vehicles or mounts had been introduced. Mining was my speciality and I remember *running* across planets all night long surveying.

    And the crowds you’d get out in front of the Coronet spaceport… just a hundred players hanging out chatting, swapping, emoting etc. I’ve never seen anything like it before or since then. You’d make new friends, run into old ones … I used to put on a fireworks display for the crowd every coupla nights.

    The community *was* the game.

    • Heya John!

      Thanks so much for the heads up about the release soon, that’s exciting news and I’ll have something to look forward to when I get home!

      As for your comment about the community being the game? I could not agree more! I wish half the games out these days had half of what Star Wars held, MMORPG’s might have a far better rep.

      Thanks too, for dropping by and the comment!

  2. Dan Dan

    I never actually started playing galaxies – I was more into EQ2 at the time, and I normally like to stick with one mmorpg at a time (yet when I got to level 67, I realised that there was nothing much more I could do at 70, besides start again, which I didn’t want to do, so I ended up quitting!)

    However this sounds amazing that a team of people are working on their own free time to try and rebuild an old game – isn’t there going to be any copyright restrictions?

    Dan posted: How To Overcome Distractions

    • It might be weird to say it, but it was only a small percentage of the game itself that drew me to SWG. It was pretty much the community and people behind the game that kept me going back, and, has for the moment, drawn me back once again.

      Funny you should mention EQ II! I just earned enough money here to play with a Station Pass for a bit, and have started over in EQ II. They’ve really cleaned up the game, in my opinion. I’ve also enjoyed playing there!

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