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Love Notes

Last updated on October 23, 2018

Hello 2phatgeeks readers!

This week has been an up and down sort of week. Shawn’s father (Shawn is 1phatgeek of the 2phatgeeks writing nuts here at the blog) was re-admitted to the hospital on Monday with breathing issues. During the week his health grew progressively worse due to this and experienced kidney issues.

Last night, Shawn’s Pop was moved from a normal hospital room to Cardiac Intensive care due to growing fluid around the lungs, heart, and growing loss of kidney function. Today, the doctors have chosen intubation (a tube placed down the throat hooked up to a machine to breathe properly for him) and sedated to ensure the tube doesn’t cause issues. His breathing and color looks much better and we’re hoping that this will help with the other issues.

While we were speaking to the nurse and doctors during his intubation, they mentioned that most likely he will still be able to hear people speaking to him and semi-aware of some things going on. I would very much like to help Mark heal–and his wife (Shawn’s, my husband’s mother)–something to smile about when she visits. I figure having a pile of get-well wishes and little notes for her to read to him and him to listen to, would help.

If you wouldn’t mind please, dropping by the Holmes website and writing a little message for Mark? Anything at all, a get-well, a hello and we’d love to be able to read them to him.

To fill them out–go to this website:
TO: Mark Pence
Room # : D212

Thank you!

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