It’s peanut butter vacation time.

As some of you may know and as some of you may not know–tomorrow evening I will be boarding a classy Grayhound bus and traveling from Florida all the way up to Alberta Canada. In Alberta rests the two possibly not sane people who decided to bring doom upon the earth by spawning me. I shall go visit them and make them remember why children after the age of 10 should be thrown to the badgers.

It’s a three day trip via bus. Three very long days which I will have a cell phone and intend to update best as I can (conserving cell phone battery charge and all) using our 2phatgeeks twitter account. So if you’re interested in watching the insanity as it happens, bookmark our twitter account at twitter: 2phatgeeks and enjoy. If you’re reading this my personal live journal, if for some reason the Twitter home page for 2phatgeeks makes you go running and screaming into the night? Thanks to Loudtwitter, all of my updates, or ‘tweets’, will be shipped and posted together at 11pm. EST every night behind a live journal cut.

During my time away, I will leave 2phatgeeks in the capable mad scientist genius hands of my husband, bariguy. Work will probably eat him alive and I suspect that posts will return to infrequent. We’re sorry for any inconvenience and hope our readers will chillax and wait for the vacation time being over.

For those of you who need to get a hold of me while I am away, I direct your attention once again to the fat man holding the beaker with the goggles–bariguy, my husband Shawn will be glad to pass along anything you need to tell me.

Obviously, during this time my art commisions are closed and there will be no more forthcoming rants about geeky stuff.

I’ll miss ya’ll, internets. You rowdy bunch of porn addicts, you. Be good while I am gone and for the love of god, Rick Rolling is so last year already!

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