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Gaming Sadness

Last updated on October 23, 2018

There is always a period in every year where there are basically no major releases in PC and console gaming. When you’re like me and don’t care about first person shooters and sports games, the gap is even more noticeable. Even so, there is usually at least one title that is halfway decent in the Sim, RPG, MMO or RTS genres to keep me going. Sometimes I’ll be gifted with a game that rocks enough to keep me playing and playing through the gaming doldrums.

Well this year, most likely due to the fantastic economy we’ve been blessed with, what few decent titles I was looking forward to (namely Dragon Age: Origins) have been pushed back. Things are made even worse due to the fact that some of the titles I was looking forward to in the past turned out to be disappointing. You can absolutely lump Age of Conan in this group. Add in the fact that no game lasts forever, no matter how cool (sorry, Fallout 3, but I still loved you!) and you find yourself right in the middle of absolutely nothing worthwhile to play.

The problem is, with the better half out of the house in the great white north, I find myself in dire need of some gaming goodness! I’ve got a couple movies I’m looking forward to shaking off the boredom a little, but that will take up a whopping 5, maybe 6 hours. She’s out of town the next 3 to 4 weeks at this point. Ideally I’d settle into a good MMO if one frakking existed, but the cartoony nonsense that makes up most current MMOs, including WoW, distracts me from enjoying the game and I’ve played EQ2 until I’m bored with it.

So here’s the question, and this is what I need all of you freaks and geeks for: What games are out there… freeware, beta or full version… that are worth a look? I’ve been looking about and haven’t been able to find anything on the near horizon to be excited about.

Help me fill the vast numbers of hours I could normally spend arguing about what to get for dinner! Interwebz, to the rescue!

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