Phat Life

Freakin’ Sweet

Like most of the geeky internet folk, I tuned in to watch the Family Guy episode last Sunday night. Like a lot of folks, I suspect, I was initially teased in by the reuniting of the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast that FG’s creator, Seth MacFarlane, was teasing to bring in viewers. I’m a big FG fan and don’t need much of a “hook” to get me to watch. The ST:TNG gag was more than enough. I went in expecting a decently amusing show.

What I got was freakin’ sweet.

What Next, SciFi?

As the end of Battlestar Galactica still works it’s way through out mental digestive systems, what do us sci-fi geeks have to look forward to?

Social Inevitability

Pretend it doesn’t exist, slide past the topic in your next debate–but despite what you might think, what every nut job fears is an historical inevitability.