Phat Life

Sixteen Fingers

Sixteen Fingers is a short story about missed chances, the things that haunt us, love and maybe even happy endings. It was written for Deviant Art’s Flash Fiction month, this July ’09. Flash Fiction is a story anywhere from 55 to 1000 words. This month’s goal is to write 1 story for every single day of July, obviously I have only chosen to share the stories I think have merit. This one, I hope, does.

Rocking Ghosts

July is flashfiction month over at Deviant Art. A lot of my time has been taken over there currently, writing really bad fiction. Today’s prompt was: ghost of a rocking chair, and I couldn’t think of anything else to write. And now, you get to suffer with what I have written too! BWUAHAHA.

Alberta says Hi

Alberta, Canada, is a beautiful flat place. While it’s true you can watch your dog run away for two weeks, it’s also true that it seems to have the bluest, brightest skies on clear days and the wheat fields stretch forever.

Up, Up, and Fan-freakin’-tastic

It was an absolutely perfect example of the reasons I enjoy movies and why I especially love sharing them with her. How Pixar consistently manages to put out films of this quality is beyond me. To follow up Wall-E, which was arguably the best animated film I’ve ever seen, with a film that in some very important ways surpasses it illustrates the sort of phenomenal product they’re putting out.

That’s the Burger King Flavor!

Ever wonder what it would be like if you travelled across one entire country to another…on a bus? Wonder no more! Let me, Mel, open up your senses to the sweet smell of bus bathrooms and stinkey cheese feet as I regale you with tales of my travels on a bus from Florida, U.S.A, to Alberta, Canada.

Star Trek Rising

This film got 95% on and gets the sort of praise normally reserved for foreign language, anti-American films at Cannes. Was it really that good? Was this film worth the insane amount of hype?

Um… What?

Every day on my trip to work I pass by a carwash right next to the gas station I usually hit. Out in front, it has one of those “insert the letters” marquee type of signs, allowing the message to be changed