Phat Life

$800 later.

You didn’t take my mother to a casino unless you had money. A lot of money. Alot of money that you might not want to see again. In Alberta, there seemed to be a Casino tucked away in just about any corner. Some of them were discreet, windowless buildings with parking lots that went… Read More »$800 later.

Love Notes

Hello 2phatgeeks readers! This week has been an up and down sort of week. Shawn’s father (Shawn is 1phatgeek of the 2phatgeeks writing nuts here at the blog) was re-admitted to the hospital on Monday with breathing issues. During the week his health grew progressively worse due to this and… Read More »Love Notes

Ask Drunk Mel Sh*t

You know what’s a good idea? Drinking. And you know what’s an even better idea? Drinking and answering questions from my facebook and Google+ friends. Hells yeah. 

I can’t imagine

I can’t imagine loving me. I am a difficult woman to understand. For the longest time in my life I was nothing more than a ball of smothering love and sulfurous self-hate, mingling together until neither side could determine who would win and one moment I was loving the world… Read More »I can’t imagine

A little crazy is okay.

I read the other day a post about crazy people making the best bloggers. And I thought they so do. And then I thought but I’m not crazy, in my head in one of those tones.  I heard myself say it in my head (I did, yes, stop staring at me… Read More »A little crazy is okay.