A Letter II

Do you remember how many times you had to tell me to shut up? To be quiet? To shhhh? Do you remember the nights which you'd put me to bed as soon as the sunset and you'd tell me in your mommy-is-serious-voice, "No singing, no talking, no getting out of bed, all right?" And you would tuck me in, … Continue reading

A Letter I

It's been a year. I have written that sentence all week more times than I care, staring at a blank wordpress post page and trying to culminate thirty three years of my mother in one post. This is the ultimate task which I feel a real writer can face down and conquer...Writing a life in words and … Continue reading

Mommy drinks because you Mel

Things I did that probably scarred my mother for life & made her question my sanity: Wander into a neighbors yard around four years of age and hand-pull up all of the pretty tulips because some idiot little boy dared me to. Drink an entire bottle of cough syrup. Eat dog treats. Dump out … Continue reading