Digital Parchment.

I want my history and my heart to live forever. Even if it’s only digital translations and pixel pieces.

Why I still watch cartoons…And like it!

This post lacks tentacle rape, kitten rape, loli, or hentai. What it doesn’t lack is my explanation as to why I still at 30, going on 31, watch cartoons. Anime is a genre of television and entertainment that (rightfully so) has its own stigma attached to it. But there are good parts underneath all the cat-girl sex! I promise! <3

Stinky and scary: tips and tricks for bus travel.

Bus travel is often one mode of transportation that doesn’t get a lot of coverage or consideration. It isn’t the most glorious means of travel, but for a day or two it’s really an ideal means of getting places and CHEAP. Did we mention CHEAP? We like CHEAP. CHEAP is good. Here are some tips and tricks on bus travel. CHEAP!