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Artist Whoring–Great, cheap prints!

Last updated on October 23, 2018

For the longest time, I was suspicious of deviant art. I thought that I would never be able to afford buying prints from them, nor would I ever sell any (because I kept thinking it would be too expensive.)

I was rifling through my Deviant Art Print shop this late evening/way, way early morning and realized even as poor as I am right now, with birthday money gone–If after all is said and done and Shawn and I had $5 to our name we could afford a small print from an artist on Deviant Art.

That’s…really amazing when you think about it. Some of the most amazing artists are selling–

Some of the amazing art, CHEAP right now:

(Architecture) Crescent Sun, by Doubtful Della
4×6 print selling for $1.95

Un Gato (Absolutely ADORABLE cat print!) by *faboarts
4×6 print selling for $1.65

Gold Fish, PHOTO PRINT, by fuschisart
Selecting the 3.5×5 photo print option selling for $3.00

The Sound of Her, by Gatling
3.5×5 print for $1.00

Puck’s Introduction, by Mercuralis
4×6 print for $1.95

And of course, last but never least–

Oh yes! Caps! Most of my prints are available in the same, above sizes for $1 up. I’ve done some cleaning up and made sure to offer the pictures I thought were my best, for sale, and make sure they were the best quality I had. If you’re interested, please click the link–click all the links and support fellow artists!

We all need a little bit of help right now.

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