October 2012

Great Acoustics

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P.E.I stands for Prince Edward Island, a tiny little…well..you guessed it, island in the Maritimes where I grew up. I’m not sure who decided that we–my grandmother, my mother and I–were going to go hit the road and take the ferry for a little trip to P.E.I. My mother liked… Read More »Great Acoustics

Driving Miss Darlene

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  I remember drives the best. Despite being bored out of my mind when I was younger, my mother had a love for driving long drives–going no where for no reason other than just to see what’s around the bend. I drove her batty on lone drives when we were… Read More »Driving Miss Darlene

My mother discovers my artistic talents at an early age & My first words

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  I was born in Nova Scotia, a small peninsula Provence of Canada nearly surrounded by the ocean. My father was in the Canadian Military and my mother, Darlene, had dedicated herself to being the house wife–at least, I like to imagine my mother like that. Full of innocence toward motherhood, with… Read More »My mother discovers my artistic talents at an early age & My first words

Love Notes

Hello 2phatgeeks readers! This week has been an up and down sort of week. Shawn’s father (Shawn is 1phatgeek of the 2phatgeeks writing nuts here at the blog) was re-admitted to the hospital on Monday with breathing issues. During the week his health grew progressively worse due to this and… Read More »Love Notes

First date snob.

Me: [Reads a screenshot of a twitter play-by-play of possibly the worst date in Starbucks history. Starts giggle snorting.] Shawn: “What?” Me: [Reads it.] Both of us: “Oh my god. That was awful.” Me: “He took her to Starbucks. Who does that?” Shawn: [Look over his glasses at me.] “Go get… Read More »First date snob.