Clockwork heart

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I have a clock work heart. In the morning when I wake up, all the gears tick, spin and whirr. They turn without protest as I swing my feet out of bed and go about my morning routine. Slow and steady, spokes touch spokes, turning the great machine that is my body… Read More »Clockwork heart

Just give me one moment more.

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My mother. What do I say about my mother? What can I say about her? “She was beautiful.” Of course she was. She was my  mother after all. What child who does not love their mother think their mother is anything but? Even when crows feet begin their slow, inevitable climb at the corners… Read More »Just give me one moment more.

A little crazy is okay.

I read the other day a post about crazy people making the best bloggers. And I thought they so do. And then I thought but I’m not crazy, in my head in one of those tones.  I heard myself say it in my head (I did, yes, stop staring at me… Read More »A little crazy is okay.

We’re full of Sith.

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 Along time ago, on a blog far, far forgotten….. There were two phat geeks who made posts, but life and distractions (Like Google+) came and endangered the meandering writing habits of two huge nerdlings. It’s been a long time since we last joined our heroes, Mel and Shawn for their… Read More »We’re full of Sith.