What’s white and black all over with spots of red?

If you said a newspaper you used to beat the annoying guy on the cell phone yelling loudly as if that would help his reception whilst stuck in an elevator with him until he is bloody–then you’re wrong! (Say that run-on sentence three times. Fast.)

It’s actually something I’ve been tinkering with on the side lines, mulling and musing over whether or not I should have one and if, by having one, I’m sort of making me ego seem even larger than the small moon it occupies now…It’s my Portfolio for my digital photography and clay creations, called Everyday Magic. (Run ons ahoy, matey!)

When we originally purchased 2phatgeeks.com, I asked my husband to give me a subdomain name of digitalpoetry.2phatgeeks.com, I had wanted to do something for myself with that but hadn’t any clue what. This was if I remember correctly, just before he purchased my canon camera and well before I started tinkering in clay. A few months ago I finally settled down and started searching for photoblog templates (sorry fellow design Geeks–I’m only good at being a game/Star Wars/Star Trek/Sci-Fi/Fantasy nerd! Not design!) that would suit the simplicity of what I wanted and put the showcase on the pictures, not the words. After stumbling across so many amazing photography blogs, I wanted one of my own!

I didn’t have much luck at first but settled on one for a bit. It just didn’t sit well with me, however. While the design was okay, I was limited in showing only very small pictures of my images and the instructions just weren’t WP-n00b friendly. After a second search I found an absolutely fantastic theme two days ago by Graph Paper Press.  It’s the F8 lite theme offered for free and it is mind-blowingly awesome, because it does exactly what I wanted a theme for my portfolio to do: emphasis entirely on photos and content, yet a clean, simple, elegant design lingering in the back ground.  It truly is a fantastic theme that tricks you into thinking how simple it is.

I’m gushing like the gigantic girl-nerd I am about this theme because it’s kicked up my interest and my enthusiasm over keeping the portfolio blog up to date. When I was first facing the thought of posting a picture daily; having to edit and reconfigure the images to display properly with the old theme? I began to not-look-forward to doing that with every photo. It was becoming too much of a hassle and frankly, (as you can tell with my rash of posting and then weeks of nothing here at 2phatgeeks!) I simply set it aside.

A good theme on a blog really, really, truly effects both the readers and author.

A great, fantastic theme that I love looking at makes me want to stay at a site and meander about a bit longer. Gets my nerdling-creativity going.

So that’s what’s white and black all over with spots of red! And that’s what’s got my creative mojo going! My new portfolio word press, Everyday Magic & its newest kick-ass theme by Graph Paper Press!

You wanna come over to my blog and hang dudes?

I got pics!

Money-saving gifts for the crafty sort: be awesome & save cash.

Money sucks right now for a lot of us. Everywhere I look there’s someone lamenting over what they can get for people for Christmas, without relying on something from the dollar store. How can you give a gift that really says, “hey, I fucking love you!,” without breaking your bank and your relationship with the gift giver this year?

Hand made gifts. Yes, I said it–I think home made Christmas gifts are the way to go this year!  Nothing says I love you more (I think), than:  I didn’t just go to some store and buy this–I made it specifically FOR you and it even has googly eyes–you love googly eyes, right?

There’s something to be said about working on a gift by hand for someone you love and respect.  Nobody wants those two pencils and note pad you won last year at work to show up as their gift on Christmas. Nor do they need pages of glued macaroni art–so put that shit aside and let’s smash faces with awesome crafty, money saving gifts!

Hand Made Gifts For Her

Cut out & Keep: Bathbombs

Teach Soap . com – Soap Making Instructions, tutorials and advice
(Remember! Unless it is Glycerin all soaps need sodium hydroxide, also known as “caustic soda”. Lye is needed to make soap. Here’s a great article to read more on this: Soaps With No Lye? )

Snowdrift Farms – How to make Whipped body butter/creams

Not Martha – Bubble Bath

TipNut – Homemade Sugar Scrubs

futuregirl Tutorial: Lace Bracelet

Design Sponge: Teacup candles

Papier Mâché Trinket Box

Hand Made Gifts For Him

Microwebtech – Homemade beef jerky

Epinions – A memory jar

Seanm.ca-Duct tape Wallet
(For a good laugh!)

Mix that drink – Skittles flavored Vodka

Wiki-How- How to Make a Hollow (Secret Compartment) book

About.com – Sew a BBQ apron

Hand Made Gifts For Either Her or Him

Neither Hip nor Funky – Freezer Paper & T-Shirt tutorial
(This is a great tutorial for several reasons: you can customize the shirt with anything and you can rejuvenate a shirt you purchased at a thrift or second hand store. No need to spend $$ at jinx, or t-shirt hell! Make it yourself!)

Cut Out & Keep: Cozy slippers made from towels

Wikihow- Tiny Polymer clay Book

Letterfu – Make your own letters without using envelope

Origami Instructions – Simple Origiami Box

I know I haven’t covered nearly half of what can be hand made this year for Christmas gifts but hope this is a great start to leading you along the path of frugal, heart-felt and awesome.

Speaking of not covering it all, tell me 2phatgeeklings–what have I missed? What have you crafted by hand for Christmas, recent or past, that’s become a solid hit?