Holy Crap

Since we’ve opened 2phatgeeks.com in early March of this year, we’ve seen quite a bit of growth. Today we hit the big one thanks to some kind Stumbler who thumbed up: Two phat geek’s simple secrets to a happy marriage.

(Originally, when this post was made, we had 2, 281 views) Now it’s 1, 907 for that single post alone, and 2, 126 views in two days. WOW. That’s amazing traffic for our little corner of the internet and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

In celebration of growth, we’ve decided to change the layout of 2phatgeeks to a different template from one of our most favorite (among many) designers. This one’s called DailyPress and it’s by Jai of Blog Oh! Blog fame.

Why’d we change the layout yet again?

Yeah, we know. Three layout changes in nine months or so, must be driving our readers batty! But, there’s a reason! While BlueWeed by Blog Oh! Blog is a sweet ass layout, we were finding now that we’d decided to venture out into trying to make a little more money with 2phatgeeks that the arrangement wasn’t working. We had one big giant recent post pushing the sidebar, ad spots, blog roll and categories down the page making you, the viewers, have to scroll to the center of the earth to find them. Not fun. So we decided to chose a pretty swanky layout that wouldn’t make you guys have to climb Mount Posterest in search of info, and of course, to give our interested advertisers prime real estate.

We love you and want to squeeze you and even call you George.

So in thanks for your patience, your loyalty, and your continued visits to 2phatgeeks.com the first 10 to comment to this post will get themselves a free link in our links page!

We love you guys for sticking with us! Thanks so much!

Written by M. Pence
elf_fu is also known as Mel, and is one of the primary authors to 2phatgeeks. She likes cats, Star Wars, chasing her husband around the house making light saber noises and being a geek.