Are we dead?

Hells naw.

We are however, eye balls deep back into the games we love to love-hate. Thanks to a Station Pass from Sony, we can have Vanguard, EQ II and the classic love-to-hate-love game, Star Wars Galaxies. All three of these games have given me plenty of geek fodder to work with and discuss, so hold onto your hats! I know you’re all looking forward to the geekery!

Second and just as important or even more so, some of you may remember my participated with Blog Oh Blog‘s crazy awesome Premium Theme give away contest? Well–we won!

We get one free single user license and download of a premium theme. I chose Fresh News by Woo Themes–it’s gorgeous!

Congrats to all the winners too and thanks so much Blog oh Blog!

Alright guys–what have you been up to and what have we missed?

Written by M. Pence
elf_fu is also known as Mel, and is one of the primary authors to 2phatgeeks. She likes cats, Star Wars, chasing her husband around the house making light saber noises and being a geek.