We’re so Pretty

What is 2phatgeeks about?

Trying to sum up what this blog is about is a lot like trying to tell an A.D.H.D kid overdosing on sugar to settle down–it’s just not going to be easy and everything is going to be scattered to hell and back.

What kind of topics do you write about here? What will I be reading?

You’ll find mundane topics from laundry, to daily life, to blatant honesty about being human—to two geeks in love, their relationship, arguments, happiness. You will also find topics and writing that may include:

Computers, Poetry, Short Story, Writing, Role Playing, PC Games, Wii, Games, 360 Games, LOL cats, The Internet in general, Tips & Tricks, Rants and ranting, Photography, Digital Art, Tutorials, Recipes and Cooking, Snippets of married life, Favorite Videos, Link sharing.

And a plethora of everything else, too.

When reading this blog the best we can tell you is to expect the unexpected. There will be on occasion rants and the expected language one tends to find with such things. Settle down with a cuppa coffee, tea, or whiskey (you might need it) and come along with us on a scintillating journey of two phat geeks in love. Together, we’ll battle the tighty whities, fur, feathers and the occasional idiot.

Enjoy the ride!